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WHS Essentials

WHS Essentials

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WHS Essentials is an online resource designed to make the creation of Work Health & Safety documents easier for your business. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, WHS Essentials provides you with a comprehensive library of WHS information, policies, templates and procedures.

Whether you are new to WHS or an experienced practitioner, implementing a safer workplace and managing your risks has never been easier.

The WHS Essentials subscription includes 70+ relevant WHS templates and forms and is backed by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, so you can be sure that the documents are both compliant with the latest legislation and legally sound.

Features and Benefits

  • All your employment documentation requirements are in one, easy-to-access repository.

  • Ability to create documents, including procedures that are customised to your business

  • Regular updates to the document library to coincide with the latest legislation mean that you can always be certain that you are up to date

  • Regular email alerts to keep you informed of changes to legislation and subsequent changes to the documents will help you manage the impact of change on your business
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