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Sydney North West region

Committed to invigorating the Sydney North West business community, the NSW Business Chamber's Sydney North West team provides hands-on assistance to identify and understand your workplace challenges. Our vast range of products and services can help you to sustain and grow your business.

We can help your business with:

  • gaining a voice at local, regional, state and federal levels of government and authority, through the lobbying power of the NSW Business Chamber
  • industrial relations matters, including wage rates, penalties and staff issues
  • occupational health & safety compliance
  • keeping you up-to-date with your workplace obligations via educational seminars
  • marketing advice
  • international trade assistance.

Your local representation

The NSW Business Chamber's Sydney North West team is always happy to assist members and other regional businesses.

Regional Manager
Michelle Caruso

Local Chamber Relationship Manager
Geoff Starr

Regional Coordinator
Kylie El-Khansa

Office location
Level 12, 100 George St
Parramatta NSW 2150

(02) 8838 0400

(02) 9633 5391


Your Regional Advisory Council

The Sydney North West Regional Advisory Council (RAC) initiates and facilitates innovative projects and programs that improve and sustain business performance in the Sydney North West region.

The Council acts as an advisory body to the NSW Business Chamber Council, and the Board of Directors and Management of NSW Business Chamber, championing policy issues for the region, as well as matters relating to membership and the promotion and development of businesses in the region.

The local business community members who represent you on the RAC are:

  • Alvan Freeman, President
  • Yves Coulon, Vice President
  • John Wakeling
  • Steven Johnson
  • Paul Brennan
  • Michelle Lam Li
  • Wayne Streat

Local Chamber Alliance Partners

Upcoming Events

For more information and to register for our upcoming events, visit our Events calendar.

Latest news

Visit our media centre to find out how NSW Business Chamber is campaigning for businesses at regional, state and federal levels.

Sydney North West Region NSW Business Chamber has signed a pledge with Defence Reserves Support to become a Supportive Employer of Reservists and to help promote the advantages to local employers of employing members of the Defence Reserves.

Defence Reserves Support (DRS) provides a link between the Australian Defence Force (ADF), employers and the community from which the Reserve force is drawn. DRS aims to enhance the availability of the Reserve component of the ADF by promoting the benefits of employing members of the Reserve. DRS also aims to establish a flexible partnership with the community and employers so they are encouraged to support those in the Reserve.

DRS specialists in each State and Territory can help eligible employers of Reservists apply for substantial financial support payments, develop supportive leave policies, participate in the Employer Engagement Program and utilise the unique skills and qualities that only a Defence Reservist can bring to their workplace or business.

Benefits to local businesses of employing Defence Reservists:

  • Employees gain formal qualifications through Reserve service at no cost to employer;
  • Reserve training includes leadership, management and teamwork skills that are expected of managers and executives;
  • Reservists develop a number of personal skills that are attractive to all employers including self-discipline, initiative, punctuality, self-reliance and responsibility;
  • A cost-effective form of community-based and supported national defence
  • Training assistance to the community in times of natural disaster such as bushfires and floods. They are vital in helping local communities including businesses get back on their feet in times of difficulty.

We encourage local employers to take the opportunity to visit the website and see what advantages could be brought to their business by employing and supporting Defence. For further details please visit

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