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If Australia is to maintain strong economic growth in the long-term, it must ensure that Sydney, the economic powerhouse for NSW and Australia, is positioned to compete on the world stage. The challenge for Sydney is to continue to not only maintain its global city status but to enhance it.

The Sydney Business Chamber’s aims to promote and advocate for policies and initiatives that enhance Sydney’s international status, makie it a global destination for business and leisure, and a great place to live and work. We will continue our work in bringing together business and community leaders to partner with government in prioritising activities for the betterment of Sydney.

The Chamber's priorities include (click on the links for priority details and publications):

The Chamber recognises the importance of Western Sydney and has a dedicated Western Sydney office in Parramatta. The focus for Western Sydney includes:

  • Promoting advanced manufacturing and creating knowledge based jobs for the region
  • Securing Western Sydney’s fair share of transport services and infrastructure funding
  • Enhancing and promoting the cultural offerings and establishing the brand ‘Western Sydney’, promoting the region as an socially and economically vibrant region


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