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Key Sydney issues

If Australia is to maintain strong economic growth in the long-term, it must ensure that Sydney, as our national financial and business hub, is well positioned on the world stage. The challenge for Sydney is to continue to not only maintain its global city status but to enhance it.
Based on the current characteristics of Sydney, and where it needs to improve in relation to other global cities, Sydney Business Chamber has identified 10 key policy areas:

    • People, skills, education and employment
    • Transport and infrastructure
    • IT&T
    • Banking and finance
    • City governance
    • Sustainability
    • Business services
    • Tourism
    • Media, entertainment and the arts
    • Security. 

Sydney Business Chamber’s main priority is to identify, develop and promote the major issues that contribute to economic activity and growth in the city and to reduce the barriers that threaten our global competitiveness.

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