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Creating better business-to- business connections

Need to raise your profile? Keen to build new relationships with peers and other businesses?

Tailored events enable you to connect face-to-face, form new business relationships, seek recognition for your achievements and learn and share experiences.

Every year, NSW Business Chamber holds over 300 events attended by over 20,000 people. These events offer members access to:

icons_0008_Handshake.png Networking opportunities

icons_0007_Education.png Educational events & webinars

icons_0006_Lecturn.png   Events with Australia’s top leaders and legislators

icons_0005_Trophy.png NSW Business Awards

icons_0005_Trophy-(1).png NSW Tourism Awards

Gain exposure

Outside of our event series, we can help you grow your business profile and connect you with the right business to partner through a range of channels:

icons_0004_Vector-Smart-Object.png Online member directory

icons_0003_Vector-Smart-Object.png A member logo to show you are a part of the trusted NSW Business Chamber network

“At the end of the day, we are big on relationships. Clearly, being a member for over 85 years indicates how valuable Chamber membership is to us.” Akubra