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Understanding IR

Release Date: 13/12/2016

As the holiday season approaches the Illawarra Business Chamber is reminding employers and employees of the importance of understanding rights and obligations set out in the Fair Work Act and the relevant industrial relations framework.
Illawarra Business Chamber Executive Director, Chris Lamont, said for employers it is important to ensure compliance with the relevant Award(s). Industrial Relations can be a complex issue for business made worse by competing pressures and a lack of resourcing. To assist businesses in this area the Illawarra Business Chamber has a 24 hour advice line through a member service called Workplace Assured.
“Notwithstanding recent commentary it is important to note there are over 2 million businesses in Australia and some 27,000 in the Illawarra, the vast majority of these ensure employees receive all entitlements,” said Chris Lamont.
“It is critical that all businesses adhere to the law not just because of a fear of prosecution but because it is the right thing to do and essential in maintaining their reputation and standing in the community. It is also important that young Australians have a positive entry to the workplace,” said Chris Lamont.
The potential consequences of non-compliance are significant. A breach of the awards or national employment standards can see penalties imposed of up to $54,000, significant back payments and reputational damage. There are also additional penalties of up to $10,800 for managers who are found to have breached obligations.
Despite efforts to do the right thing many businesses can find the complex workplace regulation difficult to navigate without legal and specialist assistance.
Workplace Assured, a service delivered by the Chamber, offers businesses peace of mind by helping to manage and comply with workplace issues. For more information on Workplace Assured please email us - or phone (02) 4229 4722.
“This is an issue of focus for Government as they are also concerned about individuals receiving cash payments, thereby avoiding tax while remaining in receipt of government benefits,” said Chris Lamont.
If an employee has a concern with their pay or entitlements and they should phone the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.
Media contact: Katherine Baker 0417 135 858

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