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Telstra helping turbocharge Illawarra businesses with the NBN

Release Date: 16/09/2015
On Wednesday 23 September Telstra Business Centre Wollongong in conjunction Illawarra Business Chamber (IBC) is hosting a not-to-be-missed seminar to help Illawarra businesses maximise their potential with the NBN. 
Illawarra Business Chamber Policy Manager Julia Frith said:
“The Illawarra is one of the most connected regions in the country – 25,171 premises are able to connect to the NBN right now and a further 42,400 premises are under construction. With super-fast broadband, astute and innovative Illawarra businesses can maximise the full potential of the global economy.
“We’re seeing the local economy transition more towards the knowledge & professional services and health sectors - the NBN is a real game-changer for Illawarra businesses within these sectors.
“SMEs increasingly find themselves at a competitive disadvantage if they lack the capability to use interactive and collaborative communications tools – often video-centric and typically demanding of high-speed, stable connectivity. Having the NBN switched on in the Illawarra region changes this and enables local SMEs compete with larger businesses nationally and internationally.
Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager for Illawarra, Trish Wilson, said:
“The NBN’s fast and reliable download speeds give local businesses the opportunity to work more efficiently with customers and suppliers, and build their business effectively.
“Access to fast broadband can help local businesses better source information, materials and supplies. It also allows the business community the opportunity to video chat, adding another dimension to their potential interactions with customers or suppliers.
“We’re using the NBN to introduce even more sophisticated technology for local small businesses, including a service called Digital Office Technology (DOT) that manages calls, gets businesses online and helps them work remotely.
Internetrix Managing Director and Telstra customer, Daniel Rowan said:
“We have literally opened up a whole new world of communication since connecting to our Telstra NBN service. Our speeds have increased tenfold which means we are running at a more efficient rate and can send, receive and store data instantly across our offices.
“Our colleagues in China have immediately noticed the improvement in video conferencing as the speed and picture quality means we’re getting more out of meetings because we are no longer suffering lags or drop-outs.
Local businesses wanting to find out what the NBN can do for their business should make sure they don’t miss IBC’s Telstra NBN Seminar next Wednesday at 7:30am at City Beach Function Centre. To register visit or call 4229 4722.  
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