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Port Kembla can support a congested Sydney Harbour

Release Date: 7/03/2017

Reports of overcrowding in Sydney Harbour and the need for alternate ports and infrastructure to service the growing demand and value of the cruise industry again raises the potential of Port Kembla.
New South Wales risks losing its share of a $2.9 billion industry to Victoria and Queensland unless additional infrastructure is created.
Illawarra Business Chamber Executive Director, Chris Lamont, said further growth of the cruise industry in New South Wales is something that can be accommodated but there is a requirement to develop additional port infrastructure to support projected growth.
“Cruise ship operators are quoted as saying they are now taking ships to Melbourne as Sydney Harbour is just too congested. Boosting capacity to meet the demand of this growing industry should be a priority for the New South Wales Government,” said Chris Lamont.
While New South Wales remains the dominant cruise state, accounting for 63 per cent of the industry’s economic contribution, without investment in new terminals and births it is possible that other states will see the majority of future growth.
Port Kembla has demonstrated the capacity to support large cruise ships with four successful visits already conducted. A commitment by the New South Wales Government to investment in additional facilities at Port Kembla would help keep further growth from this sector within the state.
“The popularity of domestic and international cruising is on the rise and new facilities and infrastructure are required to realise the full potential of this opportunity. The substantial growth of the cruise industry and its potential value to businesses in New South Wales demands a rethink as to where additional capacity can be provided to support this industry.
The Illawarra and more specifically Port Kembla is a destination that should be considered to meet growing demand form the cruise industry and investment planning should consider the potential of the region to host this growing and potentially lucrative opportunity,” said Chris Lamont.
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