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Populism should not replace good policy

Release Date: 2/02/2017

The Illawarra Business Chamber expresses its continued support for council amalgamations. The Chamber contends amalgamations have the potential to deliver better resourced local government, greater efficiency and better governance.
Illawarra Business Chamber Executive Director, Chris Lamont, said while there has been criticism of the local government reform processes, the potential for better outcomes for regional communities and businesses is something that can be delivered through increased financial assistance and council amalgamations.
The Chamber has expressed concerns with a drawn out and uncertain process that has not been good for the region.
“There has been far too much uncertainty for Wollongong and Shellharbour. The Chamber has been clear that we want the best result for business and the community. Well-resourced and professional local governments are critical to achieving this,” said Chris Lamont.
The Chamber has been an advocate for local government reform for many years. This position was reached following consultations with its members. Consultations identified strong support for local government reform to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
The Chamber maintains that fewer, better resourced councils would provide an improved service to business and especially small business. Assistance to business is essential at a time when we are seeking to deliver greater employment opportunities.
“Big decisions are never easy and sometimes unpopular but it is important that governments take tough decisions on issues that have the potential to provide significant and enduring benefits,” said Chris Lamont.
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