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New vision has right building blocks for a more efficient TAFE

Release Date: 13/07/2016

The Illawarra Business Chamber believes the NSW Government’s A Vision for TAFE NSW has the right building blocks to position the public vocational education and training provider to be more competitive and better equipped to meet the needs of students and employers.

“TAFE sits at the heart of our vocational education and training system and is the State’s most significant provider of quality training,” Illawarra Business Chamber Acting Chief Executive Officer Jo Spencer said.

“While the vision, as its title suggests, is a high level plan, it includes the right building blocks to help TAFE enhance its reputation for delivering excellent outcomes for students.

“As a public provider, it’s essential that TAFE dedicates the bulk of its funds toward its primary mission: providing high quality training that equips students for the workplace or further study.

“We’re pleased the money recovered through the efficiencies TAFE NSW is expecting to achieve will be reinvested in better training facilities, technology and tools that will help students learn in more flexible and dynamic ways.

“The time that it takes for students to travel between study and a place of work can be a barrier to employment, particularly in regional NSW. Harnessing new technology to make it easier for students to combine their training with a job may encourage businesses to fill their skills gaps and hire closer to home.

“TAFE also plays a particularly central role in the training market in regional NSW. The Government’s commitment to opening up access to TAFE delivered training in remote areas and to groups who might be disengaged from training is very welcome.

“Our quarterly Business Conditions Surveys constantly show a major shortage in young people having the skills required to perform the jobs available, particularly in the regions.

“At the same time, TAFE is also an important employer in many regional areas and we hope that any potential job impacts are very carefully managed.

“Ultimately, however, TAFE needs the right strategic direction so that it is efficient and best equipped to meet the needs of our future workforce.

“Far from eroding its central role in the vocational education and training market, a more competitive and consumer focused TAFE will be better placed to provide the high quality training that connects students with jobs and a brighter future,” Ms Spencer said.

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