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Local business leaders begin journey to put the Illawarra first

Release Date: 3/08/2015

Today the Illawarra Business Chamber (IBC) is hosting the NSW Business Chamber (NSWBC) President and CEO to consult with Illawarra business leaders on strengthening the chamber movement and voice of business to boost economic development in the Illawarra region.

“The IBC and NSWBC have a new shared vision for the business chamber in the Illawarra region – a vision that will better drive economic development, grow businesses and deliver more jobs in the region. Today is an opportunity for local business leaders to share their input on the roadmap to put the Illawarra first,” said IBC Chief Executive Debra Murphy.

“The proposed merger of the state and regional chambers will enhance what we already do to support business with stronger thought leadership, greater knowledge, and powerful and respected influence to put the region’s economy in a winning position,” said Ms Murphy.

“A favourable vote on the merger from IBC members will create a united chamber movement across the Illawarra region and beyond to the state, national and global level.  The enhanced collaboration of local, regional and state chambers will have strength in numbers and be an even stronger voice of business in the region,” said NSWBC Chief Executive Stephen Cartwright. 

“A critical outcome of this merger will be turbocharged leadership and advocacy through Illawarra First – a new influential regional business think tank,” said Mr Cartwright.

“Illawarra First will galvanise regional business leaders to transform the regional economy and shape political debate to create jobs and long-term business growth, and strategically put Illawarra First!” said Mr Cartwright

“To ensure Illawarra First sets off on a pathway to success at the outset, a fund of over $1 million will be established with NSWBC matching IBC’s net assets on a dollar for dollar basis. The fund will be quarantined for strategic projects and assures regional businesses that critical priorities will gain a voice at the highest level,” said Mr Cartwright.

“This fantastic merger opportunity will cement the long-standing partnership between the IBC and NSWBC,” said Ms Murphy.

New vision for the chamber in the Illawarra -  Media Conference
Date:                                        3 August 2015
Time:                                        1:00-1:15pm
Location:                                  Ground Floor, 87-89 Market Street, Wollongong
Available for interview:               Sue Baker-Finch, President, Illawarra Business Chamber
                                                Stephen Cartwright, CEO, NSW Business Chamber
                                                Debra Murphy, CEO Illawarra Business Chamber

Media Contact: Julia Frith 0417 135 858

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