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Job seekers decision a win for small business

Release Date: 8/10/2014
The region’s peak business organisation, the Illawarra Business Chamber, says the Federal Government’s decision to shelve its proposal to force job seekers to apply for 40 jobs a month is a common sense decision that recognises the burden of red tape on small business.
“We’re pleased that the Government has listened to the community and realised that the requirement to apply for 40 jobs a month would just create unnecessary paperwork for job seekers, and for employers who were destined to be inundated with unsuitable applications,” said Debra Murphy, CEO of the Illawarra Business Chamber.
“High local unemployment means that local businesses are faced with large volumes of job seekers applying for fewer jobs, every dollar wasted on assessing unsuitable job applications is money taken away from growing a business and paying salaries.”
Ms Murphy said today’s announcement that the Government would invest $5.1 billion in developing a new employment services model to better meet the needs of Illawarra job seekers and employers is promising, but cautioned that an entire system overhaul was needed.
“We are supportive of the Government’s commitment to transitioning people from welfare to work, but the entire job network system needs to be re-designed to provide a one-stop-shop for employment services, and the barriers to business growth also need to be reduced in order to create more paid work across the economy.”
“Part of the solution also involves a complete re-think about how we manage the transition from school to work, including a review of the last two years of schooling for the majority of Illawarra school leavers who don’t go to university, and a much more sophisticated approach to the delivery of career advice in schools,” said Ms Murphy. 
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