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Business welcomes Commission of Audit final report

Release Date: 10/08/2012
The Illawarra Business Chamber has welcomed the release of the NSW Commission of Audit Final Report and encourages the NSW Government to implement the Commission’s 132 recommendations.

The NSW Business Chamber called for a Commission of Audit as part of its pre-election ‘10 Big Ideas to Grow NSW’ campaign.

“The Commission of Audit has done a tremendous job reviewing the operations of the NSW Government and now it falls to the Premier and his team to turn this report into action,” said Mr Mike Leask, CEO of the Illawarra Business Chamber.

“The message the business community will take away from this Report is that the NSW Government is on an unsustainable financial path and we need to fundamentally reform the way it functions.

“I’m under no illusions that transforming the NSW Government will be an immense and difficult task. The Commission has provided a path to follow; it will now depend on the commitment of our political leaders, the public service and the wider community as to whether we can get a marked improvement in government effectiveness and efficiency.

“I’m particularly pleased to see that the Commission has made some significant recommendations about improving partnerships with non-government organisations and promoting the need for greater contestability of government services.

“The Commission’s focus on introducing benchmarking for the public service is a long overdue initiative that is fundamental to any business operation, regardless of whether its public or privately operated.”

Mr Leask said the NSW Business Chamber recently released a report, “Diversity and Contestability in the Public Service Economy”, which emphasised seven guidelines to improving government services by using benchmarking and non-government expertise.

“The NSW Government is already developing a strong record of improving the management of public services. The strong leadership demonstrated in reforming the State’s workers compensation scheme and the franchising of Sydney Ferries are examples that this is occurring.

“The business community strongly encourages the Premier to continue his reform agenda, and the Commission of Audit Final Report signposts the way forward.”

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