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Boxing Day win a fair go for Wollongong

Release Date: 3/03/2015
The Illawarra Business Chamber (IBC) has described the New South Wales Government’s election promise to allow all NSW businesses, including Wollongong businesses, the option to trade on Boxing Day as a win for business and the community.
The uneven playing field created by the current legislation is highly pronounced here in the Illawarra region. Retailers in Shellharbour, Kiama, Wingecarribee, and Sydney CBD are allowed to trade on boxing day if they choose to, which means that Wollongong and northern Illawarra businesses and the more than 7,500 people they employ miss out.
The IBC Chief Executive Debra Murphy said, “Should the NSW Government be re-elected, this reform would allow all Illawarra businesses to take advantage of the biggest retail trading day of the year and provide a much-needed economic boost to the region.
“Boxing Day can be very lucrative for businesses and employees who choose to work on this public holiday.
“Allowing all Illawarra businesses to open on boxing day also provides a ‘leg up’ for bricks and mortar retailers who have to compete with 24/7 internet shopping.
“It’s a disgrace that people in Wollongong who want to work or shop on Boxing Day, have to go into the Sydney CBD or Shellharbour.
“On Boxing Day we had shoppers circling local shopping centres including GPT’s new Wollongong Central.  It has always come as a shock the centre is closed. People don’t expect their local shopping centre and the Mall to be closed Boxing Day - the biggest shopping day of the year.
“Regardless of your Illawarra postcode, shoppers should be able to enjoy the experience of Boxing Day sales if they choose to.
“Amending the retail trading laws of Boxing Day trading is a cause the Illawarra Business Chamber has championed. The IBC made a submission on the retail trading laws back in 2011 and wrote to the then Treasurer Mike Baird back in 2013. It is great to see the Government listening to the business community and getting rid of this archaic trading law if they win the election,” Ms Murphy said.
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