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Backing the Commissioner To Be a Stronger Advocate For Small Business

Release Date: 2/05/2013
The Illawarra Business Chamber has described legislation providing the NSW Business Commissioner rights and powers as an independent statutory officer as a great outcome for the state’s small business community.

In 2011, the NSW Business Chamber called for the appointment and empowerment of an independent NSW Small Business Commissioner as part of its pre-election, 10 Big Ideas to Grow NSW campaign. As a follow up, the Chamber is currently running a national campaign called “Small Business – TOO BIG TO IGNORE” to highlight the importance of a strong small businesses sector to the wider community.

“The Small Business Minister should be congratulated for providing legislative backing to the office of the Commissioner,” said Mr Mike Halloran, Illawarra Business Chamber CEO.
“These new powers will ensure that the Commissioner can undertake her role effectively and deliver real solutions for the engine room of the NSW economy.

“Yasmin King has been doing an outstanding job as the state’s first Small Business Commissioner and now she has the statutory authority to be an even stronger advocate for small business when dealing with government red tape and complaints about councils and other government bodies.”

Mr Halloran said he was particularly pleased to see that the Small Business Commissioner will be able to submit special reports to the Parliament and recommendations on small business issues.

“The NSW Business Chamber will be continuing to work closely with the NSW Small Business Commissioner to identify issues impacting on the sector and the role government can play in supporting small business and removing unnecessary and costly red tape.

“Together with yesterday’s announcement that the NSW Government will be cutting workers compensation premiums by an average of 7.5%, this legislation is exactly the kind of initiative governments should be pursuing to support small business and encourage job creation.”

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