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Release Date: 25/05/2016
Together with the Australian Chamber and State and Territory Chambers of Commerce, the NSW Business Chamber has launched its Top 10 in 10 2016 Federal Election campaign, which calls on all parties to commit to a practical plan to build a more competitive Australia.
“While other nations are embracing policies to make running and growing a business easier, our political leaders seem unwilling to commit to sensible reform to allow us to compete in the global marketplace,” said Illawarra Business Chamber Chief Executive, Debra Murphy.
“It’s unacceptable that over the past decade Australia has fallen from 10 to 21 on the Global Competitiveness Index, with our biggest weaknesses what were once our biggest strengths - innovation, tax and workplace relations.
“In practical terms, this means less investment, fewer jobs and missed opportunities for small and medium-sized Australian businesses.
“This election, together with the strength of the united Chamber movement, we are asking all parties to commit to our plan to build a more competitive Australia.
“We want to ensure that our standards of living continue to rise as we move beyond the mining boom, and small and medium-sized businesses have the opportunity to grow and employ more Australians.
“The national chamber movement is asking all political parties to commit to 10 practical steps to make Australia a better place to do business and to re-gain our top 10 ranking in the Global Competitiveness Index within the next 10 years.
Ten steps towards a more competitive Australia:
1) Give young people a chance to succeed by making it easier for employers to take on apprentices and trainees
2) Ensure government spending is sustainable by reducing it to less than 25 per cent of GDP
3) Help industries grow through workplace regulation that better responds to their needs
4) Let entrepreneurs get on with growing their businesses by reducing government red tape each year
5) Create jobs by allowing employers and employees to negotiate workplace arrangements that best meet their need
6) Boost incomes by cutting the company tax rate to 25 per cent through a 0.5 per cent reduction each year for a decade
7) Build the transport, communications and energy facilities we need by backing the plan of the independent Infrastructure Australia
8) Lower building costs by bringing back and retaining the Australian Building and Construction Commission
9) Encourage innovation and value for money by facilitating greater competition in government-funded education, health and aged care services
10) Welcome more international visitors by making visas cheaper and easier to obtain
“Australia is primarily a small and medium business economy, and creating an operating environment that helps these businesses succeed is in everyone’s interest. When businesses thrive, they create new jobs which support our growing communities.
“The Top 10 in 10 builds on the momentum of the national Chamber movement’s incredibly successful Small Business: Too Big to Ignore campaign which was launched prior to the last Federal election, and it reminds our political leaders that small business cannot be taken for granted.
“Whichever party forms government after the election on July 2nd has the opportunity to make Australia a better place to do business. Top 10 in 10 is a clear blueprint for reform with practical and achievable steps the can be taken straight after the election to make Australia competitive again,” Debra Murphy said.

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