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NowChem is a chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing business located in Nowra, established in 1977 as a family owned business which employed only 2 people.

NowChem now has 2 manufacturing sites and employs over 65 people.

NowChem employee, Eliza De Paoli, won Young Business Executive at the 2016 Illawarra Business Awards.

“The Illawarra Business Awards process helped show what a strong team we were” said John, “by getting my staff to write the submission form from their perspective, forming great corporate history of the organisation and something to reflect back on.”

To encourage creativity within the business, NowChem have learning moments where they share books on leadership and management, and openly discuss people’s career ambitions and goals. “We allow people to share new product ideas” said John, “we also offer training and development and actively seek feedback from all employees.”

NowChem define their success by how well they give back to the community. Managing Director John Lamont said “we have clear goals of supporting Youth and Education, to ensure we have a positive and productive youth sector”. On their way to achieving this led to the establishment of their own foundation ‘Inspire Youth Australia Foundation’, established in 2014 to ensure local students receive opportunities for the learning  life skills required as young adult.

“The most important thing to my business is my staff” said John, “I know they like coming to work so they will look after my clients, and help me look after my business. This has formed strong bonds within the organisation and makes it a family business with my extended family.”

“Our goal for the next 3 to 5 years is to be a $20m company by 2020, in order to achieve this we have a clear vision of the type of people we will need to grow and develop with the organisation.”