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Business life cycle planning services

Business life cycle planning services

Business performance improvement

Plan for the business life cycle and take your business to the next level

Business Vitality™ Plus
is a practical three month business improvement program designed to help you progress through the business lifecycle and achieve stronger results. A dedicated specialist business adviser will work with your business to help you:

  • identify key improvement activities
  • develop a detailed action plan
  • implement your plan and take your business to the next level.
Find out more about Business Vitality™ Plus.

Strategic marketing services

Our members can access the expertise of experienced marketing professionals through Australian Business Consulting & Solutions.

Their practical marketing strategy workshops will help you pinpoint what makes your customers tick and develop a marketing strategy to drive your business forward. Find out more about our marketing strategy workshops.

Legal services

Need legal advice? Our members receive access to discounted legal services through Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, a boutique legal practice specialising in workplace, corporate and commercial law. Visit Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors website.

Entrepreneurs' Programme

We can help improve your businesses’ productivity and competitiveness through the Entrepreneurs' Infrastructure Programme, an Australian Government initiative.

If eligible, you’ll receive expert advice from highly skilled business advisers as well as funding of up to $20,000 to implement their recommendations. Learn more about the Entrepreneurs' Programme.