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State-wide campaign to save business owners $5m on energy bills

Release Date: 7/11/2018
The Hunter Business Chamber is helping businesses in the region beat power bill blues through a state-wide campaign that identifies opportunities for substantial savings on their annual energy costs.
Hunter Business Chamber’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Hawes, said the NSW Business Chamber’s 5in5 awareness campaign aims to have achieved $5 million in savings for businesses and residents across the state in the next five weeks.
Businesses are invited to use the campaign’s free energy comparison-and-switch service to make sure they’re on the best energy plan for them; saving money and reducing operating costs.
Since the start of the program, the Chamber has helped businesses in the Hunter save tens of thousands of dollars collectively on their energy bills, including one company that has saved nearly $20,000 across its three sites.
The Chamber will intensify its efforts to find energy savings for local business and industry through the statewide 5in5 campaign, which began this week.
“The NSW Chamber’s last two Business Conditions Surveys identified that 90 per cent of businesses in NSW rank affordable and reliable energy as a top concern and that energy expenditure is one of their most pressing cost-reduction priorities,” Mr Hawes said.
“We are facing one of the most challenging times in the Australian electricity market – higher prices are placing an enormous strain on business viability and household budgets. The current situation is unacceptable and unsustainable.
“We’ve already trialled our new free comparison service and we were shocked to discover that eight out of every 10 businesses that signed up were not on the best deal. What’s more, the average estimated saving is more than $1,800 on annual energy bills. We look forward to the 5in5 campaign delivering real savings to businesses and households across the Hunter and NSW in the lead-up to Christmas.
“We are making it simple for business owners to tackle one of their top concerns and, with support from us, show government and energy providers that we are united in our quest for affordable energy.”
Taking advantage of the Chamber’s energy comparison service is easy and it’s free. Businesses are encouraged to join the campaign by visiting:

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