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Smart ICT investments can put the Hunter region on the innovation map

Release Date: 9/07/2018
The Hunter Business Chamber says that the investment in a permanent LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) across Lake Macquarie provides a turn-key opportunity for future innovation in the region.
“This is a significant investment, driven by the private sector and has the potential to kick start innovation activity both in Lake Macquarie and across the wider region,” said Jonathan Vandervoort, President of the Hunter Business Chamber.
“While mobile technology has been an absolute game changer for the way we live, interact and work with each other, the next big megatrend is getting devices themselves to interact and work together more effectively.
“The LoRaWAN is really the fulcrum that can help harness the power of these devices to make this connection.
“There are obvious applications for this sort of technology for businesses in a wide variety of sectors – from manufacturing and mining, to hospitality and the visitor economy. The technology will enable increased operational efficiency, and will help drive innovation.
“This is a significant investment and is the first permanent LowRaWAN to cover an entire LGA in Australia.
“With other areas such as Newcastle making its own investment in LoRaWAN, its critical that there are appropriate levels of coordination and cooperation moving forward,” Jonathan said.

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