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Reducing The Burden Of Payroll Tax

Release Date: 10/07/2018
The Hunter Business Chamber has joined calls for the NSW Government to start taking active measures to reduce the administrative burden faced by businesses who pay payroll tax.
The calls were made in the NSW Business Chamber’s submission to the NSW Treasury Review of Payroll Tax Administration.
Hunter Business Chamber Chief Executive Officer Bob Hawes said the recent state budget lift of the payroll tax threshold has been welcomed across the Hunter and will reduce the number of businesses caught up in onerous tasks associated with meeting payroll tax obligations.
“There are however many other practical measures that would also provide valuable assistance to those businesses who are still caught up in the system.
“Some of the measures that are being proposed include relief during natural disasters as well as simple and practical measures to help smaller businesses manage cash flow.
“Payroll tax remains one of the most administratively complex processes for business. We hear from businesses on the significant amount of time and money they spend calculating and submitting payroll tax returns and this needs to be simplified.
“A greater focus on the automation of payroll tax lodgement to reduce the time it takes to submit forms and the introduction of an annual review to look at ways to improve the competitiveness and administrative efficiency of payroll tax are low hanging fruit which the review should be examining.
“Offering clear and automatic payroll tax deferrals for employers impacted by natural disasters such as bushfires, floods and drought (as we have right now across many parts of regional NSW) should also be considered as a way to help these businesses get back on their feet more quickly.
“The Hunter Business Chamber looks forward to working with the new NSW Productivity Commissioner, Peter Achterstraat, in examining how these recommendations can be implemented to assist business in the Hunter and across NSW.
“This is an important review and one that presents an opportunity to provide tangible outcomes for Hunter businesses,” Bob said.

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