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Skills hub is a vital link between vocational training and business in the Hunter

Release Date: 26/04/2017
The Hunter Business Chamber says TAFE NSW’s “SkillsPoints” initiative will bring the public provider closer to business and help build a dynamic workforce for the future.
Chamber CEO Bob Hawes said the region’s largest business representation group strongly supports a high quality, future-proof vocational education and training sector.
“The SkillsPoints initiative will bring TAFE NSW much closer to business, an outcome we can only applaud.
“The surest way of building an education system that works is to listen to industry – after all, employers understand the skills and knowledge they need from their staff.
“The industry aligned ‘hubs’ will mean students receive training that is tailored and directly relevant to their workplace.
“TAFE NSW students should also be able to expect their training will result in positive job outcomes.
“It’s pointless to publicly fund courses that don’t lead to real job outcomes at their conclusion – TAFE NSW is a vocational training provider tasked with equipping students to enter the workforce.
“SkillsPoints focus on future skills will help students develop the capabilities needed to meet the changing demands of the modern workplace and have satisfying careers.
“We were excited to hear the first hub in the Hunter will focus on the areas of innovative manufacturing, robotics and science – skills that will be high in demand due to automation and the growth of digital sectors.
“We look forward to learning more about the remaining hubs and their implementation.
“This is a great initiative that will deliver benefit to individuals, industry and the entire regional economy,” Bob said.

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