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Regions missing out on international tourism dollars

Release Date: 21/09/2017
The Hunter Business Chamber welcomes the recent release of the National Visitor Survey (NVS), confirming tourism’s place as a key growth area of the economy.
Hunter Business Chamber CEO Bob Hawes said tourism is an important part of the regional economy and while it is pleasing that domestic tourism spend is high we need to do more to encourage international tourists to regional areas.
“The National Visitor Survey and the International Visitor Survey released two weeks ago shows that in regional New South Wales, 93 per cent of tourism spend comes from domestic visitors while in Sydney, 51 per cent of spend comes from international visitors.
“Australians already know how great our backyard is but we need to showcase this more for our international visitors and put the right strategies in place to make it a must see destination,” Bob said.
“Improved infrastructure will go a long way to improving the number of international visitors to the Hunter as well as the overall tourism economy.”
More needs to be done to disperse visitors beyond Sydney so that regional NSW picks up a fairer share of the tourism boom.
“We need Governments to step up to the plate and invest more in regional infrastructure to help more international tourists to visit our region and address the imbalance,” Bob said.
The Chinese visitor market is booming, with more than one million Chinese tourists visiting New South Wales every year.
“So far, regional NSW is missing out on the boom, with less than 5% of Chinese visitors to NSW extending their trip beyond the Sydney metropolitan area.”
Hunter Business Chamber CEO Bob Hawes explained that the time has come to develop some real strategies to address the issue.
“This is an important initiative for the Hunter Region and we are looking forward to working with our members to develop a plan that can maximise the Hunter’s value from the Chinese and greater international tourism market,” Bob said.

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