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Business to work for fairer share of the Chinese visitor market for Regional NSW

Release Date: 5/09/2017
Businesses need a deeper understanding of the needs of Chinese tourists, support to tailor their marketing and digital promotion strategies, and to link in with the local Chinese community if they are to capture a bigger share of the booming Chinese visitor market, according to attendees at a Roundtable hosted by the Tourism Industry Division of the New South Wales Business Chamber in partnership with the Hunter Business Chamber.
“The Chinese visitor market is booming, with more than one million Chinese tourists visiting New South Wales every year,” Executive Manager Dean Gorddard said.
“So far, regional NSW is missing out on the boom, with less than 5% of Chinese visitors to NSW extending their trip beyond the Sydney metropolitan area,” Mr Gorddard said.
“Today’s Roundtable was the first stage of the Tourism Industry Division’s Thinking Business initiative to research strategies that will help industry attract a fairer share of this lucrative segment of the tourist market.”
The Roundtable brought together tourism operators, local businesses and policy experts with expertise in penetrating the Chinese visitor market to identify solutions to encourage a greater proportion of Chinese visitors to disperse to the Hunter and other regional locations.
“The Hunter offers a variety of natural, food and lifestyle attractions for visitors, but businesses here often lack the support they need to tailor their products to the Chinese market,” Hunter Business Chamber Chief Executive Officer, Bob Hawes said.
“Our Roundtable participants honed in on the need to deepen understanding of the Chinese consumer, both through partnership with Chinese tourist operators and by engaging with the local Chinese community,” Mr Hawes said.
“While there are often significant cultural and linguistic challenges for local operators, this could be solved through targeted language and cultural support for businesses seeking to tap into Chinese digital platforms.
“Newcastle University alone has a population of around four thousand Chinese international students, an immense untapped resource for engaging with and better understanding the products, services and experiences that Chinese visitor’s desire,” Mr Hawes said.
“These complex issues cannot be solved by industry or Government alone, but in partnership,” Mr Gorddard said.
“The next stage of our research will be to develop a report that provides a practical plan of action and we look forward to partnering with business, Government and with the wider community to put it into action,” Mr Gorddard said.
The Tourism Industry Division will be hosting a second Roundtable event in the Illawarra on Thursday 7

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