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Long time coming for short term framework, but more detail needed

Release Date: 6/06/2018
The Hunter Business Chamber and the Tourism Industry Division of the NSW Business Chamber have welcomed the long awaited release of a new regulatory framework for short-term letting typically operated through online booking platforms.
Hunter Business Chamber CEO Bob Hawes said short-term letting provides a big opportunity to help grow and diversify regional tourism and provide visitors with a unique experience in the homes of local residents.
“Hosting platforms can help with the supply challenges faced by many popular destinations across NSW especially during peak holiday periods, events and festivals.
“Without additional surge capacity many communities will simply miss out on the benefits of additional demand and activity.
“There is still detail around compliance and enforcement that we have not seen, so we’re keen to learn more about the regulatory framework as the Government releases more information.
“We’re also keen to see the response of local councils given the regulation allows them the opportunity to restrict the number of days for unoccupied premises to 180 days.
“We could see disparity across the region which will be confusing for the market,” Bob said.
Executive Manager of the Tourism Industry Division of the NSW Business Chamber, Dean Gorddard, said the Government’s proposed crack down on “party houses” and disruptive guests is a practical decision and reflects our calls to better support hosts and surrounding neighbours by keeping out bad behaviour.
“As we put forward in our 2015 report, The Sharing Economy: Issues, Impacts, and Regulatory Responses in the Context of the NSW Visitor Economy, regulation should encourage commercial activity not restrict it.
“A review of regulations imposed on traditional accommodation providers should now be undertaken by the Government to see how we provide the necessary incentives to boost investment in new hotels, motels and resorts across NSW and improve the operating environment for all businesses in the sector,” Dean said.

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