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Last days to apply for some COVID-19 assistance programs

Release Date: 29/05/2020
The Hunter Business Chamber is reminding businesses that applications for some government assistance programs will close in coming days.
Applications for the NSW Government’s $10,000 Small Business Grant close on Monday June 1, while registrations for businesses wanting to claim JobKeeper payments for the months of April and May close on Sunday, May 31.
Mr Hawes said it was important that businesses checked their eligibility for both schemes as criteria had been broadened since they were first announced to allow more businesses to qualify.
“The Small Business grant is available to businesses and not-for-profit organisations with between 0.5 and 19 FTE employees and turnover of more than $75,000 if they can demonstrate that their business has been significantly affected by COVID-19 restrictions,” Mr Hawes said.
“There are a number of ways businesses can demonstrate this, including proof of reduced customer numbers, proof of changes to business operations due to implementation of social distancing rules and proof of increased costs associated with public health protection measures.
“We have also been able to confirm through the Hunter Drought Taskforce that businesses that were affected by drought or bushfire in 2019 can use their turnover figures from the previous year to demonstrate the fall in revenue required to qualify for the loan.
“The JobKeeper eligibility criteria has also evolved since the program was announced, with the addition of seven ‘alternative tests’ for proving disadvantage, so businesses that initially thought they were ineligible to apply may find that they now qualify through one of the alternative tests.”
The May 31 JobKeeper registration deadline applies only to businesses wanting to claim for wages paid in April and May. Businesses can still enrol in the program after this date to claim for payments to employees made in subsequent months. The program continues until September.

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