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Funding To Help Drive Council Collaboration

Release Date: 17/05/2018
The Hunter Business Chamber has welcomed the NSW government’s declaration of new and Joint Organisations of Councils including the Hunter JO consisting of the 11 local government areas across the region.
Chamber CEO Bob Hawes said it is great to see councils across the region maintaining the Hunter council’s model.
“The Hunter council model has, for a long time, been seen as a good example of how councils can work together to achieve operational efficiencies.
Hunter Councils was one of the pilots of the Join Organisation model and provided ongoing support to the Office of Local Government and to other regional organisations of councils during the pilot period.
Hunter Councils are understood to be in a strong financial position and this augers well for them to be able to hit the ground running in terms of achieving the objectives set by the department of local government.
Joint Organisations have core functions including strategic planning and priority setting, intergovernmental collaboration, and regional leadership and advocacy.
“It is also pleasing to note that the model of collaboration across the Upper and Lower Hunter and the Mid Coast will be a powerful force in advocating for this region.
“This is particularly relevant given the State Government relies on local government as one of the portals for communicating regional priorities and projects, that in turn inform funding programs.
“The Hunter Joint Organisation reflects the boundary used by the Department of Planning in its new definition of the Hunter and this should assist in the assimilation of initiatives under the regional strategy that rely on local governments working collaboratively.
“The Councils who make up the Hunter Joint Organisation of Council can be congratulated on showing some leadership and taking the necessary steps to deliver a more holistic approach to service delivery and prioritising initiatives across the region.
“Working together to achieve common outcomes puts them in a stronger position to deliver for people and communities across the Hunter.
“The Chamber looks forward to continued engagement with the Hunter Joint Organisation of Council around projects and plans that will deliver growth and sustainability,” Bob Hawes said.

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