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Chamber welcomes reopening of Hunter and Scott streets

Release Date: 28/09/2018
The Hunter Business Chamber has welcomed news from Revitalising Newcastle that Hunter and Scott Streets will re-open from today in time for launch events around the restored Newcastle Station and Market Street Lawn.
“The clearing of the roads remove a further barrier for the community to move around the city and should be significant encouragement for everyone to come and enjoy and experience a raft of new facilities,” said Bob Hawes CEO of the Hunter Business Chamber.
“It is vitally important that the community understands the message from Revitalising Newcastle that the city is open for business and is keen to show off its newest assets and you can again drive the length of Hunter Street.
"Apart from the main infrastructure changes there have been a number of other improvements to the public domain, roadways, shopfronts and footpaths that will impress anyone who sees it.
"Businesses are craving for attention and despite the best efforts of many different stakeholders to keep the city open, we know patrons have stayed away but today’s news is the cue for them to come back to the city and see for themselves.
"We’re not pretending everything is 100% as there are a number of private sector projects still in progress, but it is an opportunity to come and get a feel for the change as the city prepares for the commissioning of the light rail and more in early 2019,” Bob said.

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