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Chamber welcomes release of Deloitte Report

Release Date: 4/05/2018
The Hunter Business Chamber welcomes the report released by Deloitte Access Economics in collaboration with the Port of Newcastle yesterday.
CEO Bob Hawes said the Chamber has advocated for the growth and diversification of trade in the Newcastle  Port for  a very long time and supports the Report ’s findings regarding a Newcastle Container Terminal.
“The benefits of a Newcastle container terminal go beyond just the Hunter and it is great to see this recognised.
“A Newcastle container terminal could deliver freight transport efficiencies, reducing the need for 500,000 TEU a year to pass through Sydney’s freight network.
“The Port of Newcastle has capacity to grow a significant container trade if current restrictions are removed.
“As a result of this, Port productivity will  grow and transport costs will  be reduced. This productivity growth would support growth and development across our region and more broadly.
“The Port of Newcastle could help reduce th e strain on Sydney’s transport network, reducing congestion and delaying the urgency of some costly infrastructure projects now and in the future.
“The Deloitte Report illustrates that there are also benefits for NSW importers, many of whom currently send their imports via Port Botany and the containers are unpacked in Sydney and trucked throughout NSW.
“It gives importers the choice of the most convenient and cost effective supply chain for their cargo. Reducing the length of road and rail journeys is b etter for the environment and cost savings for NSW exporters will make them more competitive globally, ” Bob said.

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