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Hunter Biz

The Hunter Business Chamber launched an exciting new monthly newsletter in 2014.

Hunter Biz provides a mix of news from member businesses, articles and information of importance to you and your team. It connects directly to our popular website, twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Members are entitled to an editorial in Hunter Biz. Themed articles of appoximately 250-300 words or Business news approx 200 words can be submitted for consideration.
Email us at
Advertising space is limited each month and provides your business with a range of options that will be sure to be noticed by prospective clients.



Advertising Banner - Small
600px wide x 160px high
$330 GST Inc

Advertising Banner - Medium
600px wide x 220px high
$450 GST Inc

Advertising Banner - Large
600px wide x 280px high
$580 GST Inc

Previous editions of the the former Leader magazine are available in Real View by clicking here.

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