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9 easy ways to save energy at work

Implementing efficient energy practices is a sustainable initiative ensuring your business operates effectively, efficiently and productively whilst engaging ethically and responsibly with environmental issues.

Workplaces that have improved their energy efficiency report a lift in productivity, boosted morale and valuable recognition from consumers and clients for going green. 

9 Easy ways to make a difference

  1. Buy electricity through an approved GreenPower program – ask your current supplier to include GreenPower sources with your current energy contract
  2. Power your events with GreenPower – you will reduce greenhouse pollution and you can use this to promote your company's image
  3. Switch appliances off at the power point, instead of leaving them on "stand-by" when you leave for the day
  4. Buy office products such as computers, fax machines and photocopiers with an ENERGY STAR label, and make sure their ENERGY STAR power management feature is switched on
  5. Consider energy use when you're choosing equipment – portable computers use less energy than desktop models, and most ink jet printers use less energy per page than laser printers
  6. Check whether building systems and plant can perform more efficiently by being fine-tuned to real demands
  7. Use less hot water, and turn the hot water system off if it's not needed for extended periods of time
  8. Check you're not over cooling – 1°C difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors adds 10% to your energy costs and greenhouse emissions
  9. Install energy-efficient lighting and turn off lights when you leave an area

Source: Office of Environment and Heritage, State of NSW


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